Sharing my passion with you
I believe our body is a creation of art. It can tell you more about your emotions and fears than anyone else. Just start listening and learning from it.

I would love to guide you on this exciting journey.
What makes my classes special
  • High quality
    Nearly 20 years experience professionally dancing and teaching.
    Choreographer & Teacher with Masters Degree.
  • Stretching & Conditioning
    Ever wandered why dancer's bodies are so tight? It takes discipline and hard work for movements to be effortless.
    I will help you get those movements right and support your body to achieve it.
  • Fun
    Dance is a pure joy and should stay this way.
    In the class we learn to express emotions in healthy manner and get all the positive vibes in.
  • Individual Approach
    Sometimes it takes time to open up in the dance studio or on stage. I am here to guide and support. Whether you want to become a new world dancer or just do it for yourself.
Heels Course
12 Weeks
We 1PM
Sa 6PM
Class Structure
Learning new moves
Learning choreography that you can than be able to show off to your friends & family
What to wear
Sports clothes
Sports Shoes to start
Progress to High Heels!
Zoom Online classes at convenience of your own home
Pay in Full - £192
Pay Monthly - £80
Per Class - £12
Classes on offer
The main focus of the Modern dance style is the freedom of self-expression. Choreography is filled with movements that look relaxed and similar to the yoga sequence. It is all about emotions here. Your body must translate emotions as genuine as possible. We dig deep into our feeling and experience of emotions.
The aim is to unite in harmony the mind, body and souls of the dancer. If you had a hard day at work, this class will help you bring the balance back.

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It is a high-energy dance class involving kicks, leaps and turns to the beat of the music. Jazz has a strong technique that serves to portray freedom and effortlessness. Get ready to do spontaneous, sensual, and dramatic movements. We will be combining music and dance as a single expression, one feeding the other.
It is a very fun often more jerky and syncopated dance style with high levels of energy. Prepare to flirt with the audience while making those effortless kicks, tricks and turns. Ready to try? Book it.

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Every woman knows that heels have a magic power over man! Woman wearing heels and gracefully moving around will always be the centre of attention. Heels class will give you that confident catwalk, develops your sensuality and gracefulness in dance. As a side effect, your legs will become leaner and bottom tighter.
Are you ready to become the next Pussycat dolls? Walk down those heels as a sexy mamma?
Book your class now and bring that sensual goddess out, she deserves to be admired.

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If you are looking for a dance class that is about developing super high energy and a sassy style, Commercial is definitely for you. Dancers all over the world perform in this cutting edge dance style for Pop Artists in arena tours, awards ceremonies and music videos. Commercial dance has evolved from Urban styles such as Hip Hop and Fused with a more theatrical Jazz style to give dancers the freedom to unleash their sass factor and stare their stuff in a style that is on-trend and fabulous. Ready to give it a try?

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Love acrobatics, maybe you always dreamt of doing a beautiful headstand or split roll? Here it is very physical and any previous acrobatic experience is key. So if you did gymnastics or at least have a strong dance background you can give it a go and prepare to get your body challenged to a whole new level.
Should I wait for you in the class? We will have fun together.

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Kids Classes
If you are under 16, there is a variety of junior and kids classes I offer. You can check the full spectrum of them on the school page.
I love to pass on to my student's strong work ethics, discipline and sense of style. If your child can't stop moving when they hear the music - book them for a trial.

From £10
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