Commercial Dance Classes in Stratford, East London
Commercial Dance class in progress
Commercial Dance Style mixes all the street dance offers and makes a show out of it. During the term, our students would:

- Deepen their understanding of different styles of street dance, including hip hop, breakdancing, and house

- Continue to develop fundamental street dance techniques, including popping, locking, krumping, hip hop, breakdancing, and house

- Loose inhibitions and gain confidence in your freestyling ability

- Develop fitness, coordination and strength

- Learn more challenging and exciting street choreography

- Focus on musicality and style

Kids Commercial Dance (5 - 10yrs)

We learn basic hip-hop moves and incorporate some break dancing for boys. It is a very upbeat class, with a lot of grooves and jumping around.

Teen Commercial Dance (11 - 15yrs)

We learn the dance routines of popular music. This term is all about Pussy Cat Dolls, so our older girls let their sassy side out and learn a more feminine routine to the usual groove.
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