Jazz Dance Classes in Stratford, East London
Winning Judges Prize for Jazz Routines in StarzUK 2019
Combining the best of many genres, such as Musical Theatre, Ballet and Street Dance, Jazz allows you to explore and develop a variety of styles.

Throughout the duration of the term, you will learn:

- Increase your understanding of the fundamentals of basic modern jazz dance: including turns, steps and basic kicks
- Learn more about posture, co-ordination and position in dance
- Lose inhibitions and gain confidence: while developing greater balance, flexibility and strength
- Understand various dance styles: and advanced technicality of footwork and co-ordination, corner to corner work and spacing and routine combination
- Learn up to 2 new routines in different styles: as well as have the opportunity for group work, duos and solos
- Gain a deep understanding of performance and technicality: with a dedicated lesson on spatial awareness and intensity of movement
You will receive friendly feedback throughout the term.

Kids Jazz (5 - 7yrs)

If your child is amazed by musicals or loves Disney movies, then Jazz would be the perfect style to learn.
In class, they will work a lot on balance, footwork and some stretching. Different tricks and turns will be incorporated as their stamina builds up. Jazz is versatile, very charismatic and fun. It will be perfect for an active child that easily gets bored.

Junior Jazz (8 - 10yrs)

We develop upon learnt technique and start introducing more complex movements, with faster turns, pirouettes and leaps. 

Teen Jazz (11 - 15yrs)

This is our award-winning team. It is a lot about musicality and portraying the required character on stage. Incorporating complex tricks, and aerials together with all the jazzy steps that there are currently. We do commercial jazz, classical jazz as well as more lyrical interpretations.
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