At DanceWithUs, we are the FREEDOM SEEKERS.

We do fun and happiness! We do hardcore training and flirty dancing.
We do JOY. We make mistakes, learn from them and move on.
We laugh a lot. We celebrate and give back to others.
We want to brighten your day, help find friends and maybe somebody special.
You will lose weight, gain confidence and challenge yourself. And of course, you will DANCE!

Because you don't belong on the bench of life!

You will feel like you belong, and we can't wait to meet you!
Group Dance Classes
Are perfect to learn and master skills in friendly and supportive environment.
Private Dance Lessons
Looking for a special dance routine or want a unique choreography for a special day? Private dance lessons is perfect to make your dance dreams come alive.
Dance Parties Hire
Looking to bring some spice to your parties? Hire us and we for sure will make you and all your guests stars of the dance floor. And of course we will make a show to remember.
A Few Words About Us

We are a group of professional dancers, choreographers and instructors creating a safe space for all those wishing to control their body and mind.

We offer dance, fitness and holistic classes for all ages and for all levels of training, beginning through pre-professional. Learn everything from classic choreography to street, commercial, hip hop, acrobatics and more. Sign up for classes today and find out what your body can do!
Get to know DanceWithUs
See DanceWithUs Team members and students in action

East London Dance, Performance & Movement

Dance With Us is a studio of contemporary practice in East London. Our name says it all. We want you to dance with us, feeling invigorated by our atmospheric sessions. To us, dancing is about learning, following instructions and moving rhythmically, but it’s also about personal fulfilment, meaning that vibrancy and involvement are crucial elements of our classroom environment.

Training With Us

We work creatively, expanding what we do and who we are to prioritise inclusivity, stimulation and technique. At the core of our teaching by trained choreographers and gymnasts is an attitude that instils a give-it-a-go approach. Throughout all of our training, we strive to implement high morale, self-esteem, self-pride, self-discipline, responsibility, teamwork, concentration, perseverance and achievement.

Our Community

Above all, we value the collective partnership that forms from being together. Your style is yours, and what you bring is valuable to enriching what we do. When we dance in union, we start to feel enriched by the positive and free environment, learning a niche skillset through variety and repetition while developing interactive and socially embedded patterns.

Our Arts Programme

Since launching our dance school in East London, we’ve developed prolifically, extending our offer to incorporate new styles and types of teaching. Today, we’re still growing. We aim to further what we provide by growing our age range, on-site access and collaboration with local festivals, looking to bring creativity to your daily routine.

Join Our Community at Our Dance School in East London

We teach across Ballet, Jazz, Acro, Commercial, Stretching and Conditioning classes on a weekly schedule for children, teenagers and adults. To make a booking, sign up for a new style or inquire about our timings contact us directly and get a session that’ll liven you up on the agenda at our performing dance school in East London.
Lessons & Activities
Discover the fascination of dance with our beginner group class and take part in our activities!
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Benefits of Dance
Improved coordination, better health, improved cognitive functions of the brain to name the few. Most importantly you make friends for life in the classroom and sometimes even find your destiny.
Our Dream Team
  • Darja Bardo
    Dance gives me wings. When I am happy - I dance. And I want to share happiness with more people around.
  • Lilia Mitatii
    Co-Founder, Choreographer & Acrobatics Instructor
    Was the one who started teaching first classes and allowed our students to fall in love with movement and different dance styles. Is very energetic and she will make your hips move, even if you never done it before.
  • Maggie Kelly
    Acro, Ballet, Contemporary Choreographer
    Maggie is a 26-year-old dancer who is currently doing an honours degree in musical theatre performance. She lived, trained and performed in NYC for 6 years before moving to London, and she can’t want to share her passion for movement with the aspiring young dancers at Dance With Us!
  • Anaïs Teixeira
    Commercial Choreographer
    Passionate of Dance since seven-year-old I did studies multiple styles as Modern Jazz, Hip-Hop, Commercial, Ballet, Tap, Contemporary.
    I've got 4 years teaching experience and am freshly graduate as a Professional dancer Level 4 Commercial and IDTA Level 4 Teaching Diploma Freestyle dance
  • Anastasia Loncakova
    Teacher Assistant
    I came to dance after rhythmic gymnastics. And really happy for the opportunity to help out now as a teacher assistant, as well as continue my journey in competing team. 
Our Clients Love Us
  • Katherine
    Commercial Adult Class Student
    "Your wonderful Dance Studio has given me a sense of perfection and self-confidence while making friends with common interests. It has also encouraged discipline and hard work in a fun way."
  • KAY
    Commercial Adult Class Student
    "I have been dancing for over a year and have loved every minute. It offers such a relaxed and friendly environment for all the dancers and continues to inspire my love for dance."
  • Rimma
    Commercial Heels Dance Class Student
    "I have been attending heels class and honestly could not be happier! It is a great experience to have. The teacher has a great vibe and will hype you up and explain anything you need. It helped me a lot with my confidence and I do recommend it for everyone!"
  • Gail Roberts
    Mother of Dance Stretching & Conditining Class Student
    "Olga is working Natasha really hard at the moment and Natasha is feeling super motivated to continue. The last two lessons have been very encouraging and challenging. Natasha is loving them."
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